Facebook the giant social network is about to introduce new policy on sending friendship requests, the policy which will be restricting users from sending new friendship
requests to people when they reached maximum of 1000 unaccepted or
pending requests. When one reached maximum of 1000 friendship
requests, when adding a new friend, the system will be notifying that
one have more than 1000 pending friendship requests and will assure one to cancel the older requests before sending new ones.

But the annoying part is that it will not include a link or button
which one will use to cancel the older requests, it will only keep
repeating the popup notification and when this happens, it will be
difficult to send new friendship requests.

This is for those that can experience the issue and know not way to tackle it.

How to do it:
The way to do it is not that stressful. Just visit this facebook link:

Then click CANCEL REQUEST on unaccepted friend request you wished to cancel.
After that you can go ahead and send new facebook friend requests to the new friends you wished to.